Improving text efficiency

With effytext you can reliably improve the efficiency of your texts as it helps you to test them on real public and shows, which are the weak parts where they stop reading them, because they are getting uninteresting, boring, inconsistent or too difficult.

Meanwhile testing, you can continuously refine your text by modifying these weak (reader loosing) parts and see the effect.
How is it possible to find the weak parts reliably?
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It's based on the activity of readers.

The program split up your text to shorter units (2-3 sentences) and shows them one by one, so that readers can get to the following unit only if they click on a button.

This method provides the information for the efficiency data. The program records the number of all readers and the number of lost readers (leaving the site instead of clicking on the button) and out of these data, it calculates text efficiency separately for each unit. You can manage the units and check the progress of efficiency data on a control panel, so you can easily find out which units are the weak parts of the text: those that have the lowest efficiency value.
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